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Episode 10: Don’t let the taxman take your money!

The truth on tax avoidance.

In this week’s episode I’m giving you an insight into one of our property training calls as I discuss some of the key points about tax avoidance for business owners. Whilst this content is particularly geared to property investment tax avoidance, there are some truths on tax avoidance that apply to business broadly.

Episode Highlights

  • Corporate Structure and Section 24: Most property Investors will have to invest now in the UK via a limited company due to tax changes.
  • Revenue Vs Expenses: Understanding the difference between capital expenditure and revenue expenses, can be critical to maximise tax avoidance in buy to let.
  • Tax Avoidance; Other tax avoidance strategies in business to consider including home office costs, travel, subsidies and Direct Loan interest.
  • Efficient Cash Extraction: How to minimise your tax when taking money out of a company.
  • Inheritance Tax: How to avoid inheritance tax for investment companies when you don’t have the same protection of a trading business
  • SSAS Pension tax Benefits: The pension scheme with massive benefits for small businesses not just in property.

About Your Host

Alex Robertson is a self-made property investor and businessman. He comes from a financial background, gaining a degree in Accounting and Finance and then going on to qualify as a chartered management accountant. Alex is one of Co-Founders of Real Estate Wealth Development, a group of companies in the property industry, with over 200 buy to let properties, training company, construction company and development business. He is also the co-author of the book Fast Track to Property Millions.


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